What is the difference between the “KWI International Fellowships” and the “Thyssen@KWI Fellowship”?

Our KWI International Fellowships address excellent international researchers from the humanities, cultural studies, and the social sciences with a completed PhD plus up to 6 years of post-doctoral experience.

The Thyssen@KWI Fellowship, financed by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, is integrated into the fellowship programme and reaches out to excellent researchers of all nationalities with a completed PhD plus several years of post-doctoral experience.

Please note also the differentiation in the following FAQs.

How do I submit my application?

The application is to be submitted electronically to international.fellowship@uni-due.de.  Applying to the KWI International Fellowships with the subject line: “KWI International Fellowships”, applying to the Thyssen@KWI Fellowship with the subject line: “Thyssen@KWI-Fellowship”.

The application must contain a CV, a list of publications and a proposal sketching your KWI project (up to 5.000 characters including spaces). Incomplete or late submitted applications cannot be considered.

Shall I send my application in one single file?

Yes. Applications must be sent in the form of one single PDF-file (max. 20 MB).

Can I send my application in other file formats?

Please send your application only in PDF-format. Due to data security reasons, word files or other file formats will probably be rejected.

Your advertisement calls for a proposal of up to 5,000 characters. Does this mean 5,000 words?

The project proposal requests 5,000 characters including spaces, which does not mean 5,000 words. The number of words varies depending on the language. Please use the “word count” of your word processor to determine the number of characters (including spaces).

Are Germans eligible to apply?

The KWI International Fellowships address international researchers. Researchers of German nationality are only eligible to apply if currently employed at an international institute.

The Thyssen@KWI Fellowship addresses international researchers as well as researchers of German nationality if they have excellent international contacts and work experiences.

Is this fellowship open to scholars at all stages of their careers? Or is it limited to recent PhDs?

The KWI International Fellowships address research fellows with a completed PhD plus up to six years of post-doctoral experience. The PhD must be completed at the time of application (A doctoral certificate must be provable at the time of application). Applications from fellows who exceed these 6 years of post-doctoral experience can, however, be considered if this is due to reasons of employment related to the fellow’s research field (e.g. curatorial activity in a museum) or due to biographical explanations (e.g. parenthood, scholar at risk etc.).

The Thyssen@KWI Fellowship addresses researchers with a completed PhD and several years of post-doctoral experience.

Are the start and end dates fixed? Would it be possible to start a month earlier/later and end a month earlier/later?

The start and end dates are not flexible. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the beginning of the fellowship could be postponed, if the current conditions will not allow the fellow to arrive as arranged. The postponement has no effect to the duration of the fellowship.

What are appropriate projects for this fellowship?

The research project should be linked to the programmatic agenda of the KWI. Various project formats as mentioned in the call are possible.

How long will the evaluation process take?

An announcement of the decisions is expected at least 5 months before the fellowship starts.

Do I have to apply for the whole period of six months or can I come only for part of the time?

We expect you to apply for the whole period of time. Fellows are requested to actively take part in lectures, conferences, reading groups and other academic events at the KWI during the whole period of the fellowship. We expect the fellows to be present at least 4 days a week.

Does the fellowship offer a family allowance or cover traveling expenses?

The fellows are free to bring their family, however, travel expenses for arrival and departure from the KWI can be partially reimbursed for the fellow, but not for the fellow’s family or relatives. The KWI offers a separate parent-child office that can be booked by hours or days.

I have missed the deadline. Can my application still be considered?

We are sorry, but we cannot accept applications after the deadline.

Can I resend the application if I find a mistake in the material?

You may send us an updated version of your application during the application period. Once the evaluation process is underway, we do not accept corrections to the application materials.

Can I update my application after the application period has ended?

Application materials will not be updated after the deadline has ended, however, if you wish to inform the committee of significant developments relating to your career progress, you may inform us by email. We will relate that information to the committee.