Dr. Aras Ergünes

Academic Career

Born in İstanbul. Received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the Department of Philosophy at Kocaeli University. In his dissertation, he studied the philosophical foundations of Modern State Theory from Machiavelli to Marx. He is currently an AIE postdoctoral fellow at KWI, working on his project about the democratic requirements for recognition and justice concerning Armenians in Turkey.

Research Interests

State Theory, Philosophy of Law, Theories of Recognition, Minority Rights and Historical Injustices

Publications (Selection)

Aras Ergunes (2018), “Hegel’in Erken Dönem Eserlerinde Tanınma Uğruna Mücadele” (The
Struggle for Recognition’ in Hegel’s Early Writings), Felsefelogos International Journal of Philosophy, Issue: 70, pp. 10-24.

Aras Ergunes (2018). Armenian Studies Past to Present, Hrant Dink Foundation Publications, [https://hrantdink.org/attachments/article/1317/BolisEng.pdf]

Aras Ergunes et al (2018), trans. Tarihi Kentler ve Ermeniler: İzmir (Armenian Smyrna/Izmir: The Aegean Communities), ed. Richard G. Hovannisian, Aras Publishing House, Istanbul.

Aras Ergunes (2018), trans. “Tanınma, Toplumsal ve Politik Düşüncenin Temeli Olabilir Mi?” (Is Recognition a Basis for Social or Political Thought), Terry Pinkard, in Felsefelogos International Journal of Philosophy, Issue: 70. pp. 122-140.

Aras Ergunes (2017), “Modern ‘Devlet Aklı’nın İnşası Sürecinde Ulusal Kimliği Yaratma Mücadelesi” (Struggle For Creating The National Identity in the Process of Constructing Modern ‘Raison d’État’), Aurum Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 2, No: 1, Summer 2017, 91-102.