Dr. Ceren Sengül

My PhD thesis in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh that I finished in 2016 explored the different manifestations of Kurdishness in Turkey by looking at three different factors: state rhetoric, localities, and the language use in everyday life. My most recent book based on this research, Customized Forms of Kurdishness in Turkey: State Rhetoric, Locality and Language Use, was published by Lexington Books in November 2018.

My current research looks at feelings of belonging and the construction of what I call ‘compound identities’ amongst the second-generation immigrants from Turkey. This is a research that I started in France as the recipient of Young Visiting Researcher Fellowship by the French Embassy, and I continue this research as a Fellow at Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen. As such, my research interests are transnationalism, ethnicities, identities, belonging, Turkey, and nationalism. So far, I have also taught and convened various courses at the University of Edinburgh and Istanbul Okan University.